Kiosk Full Screen Excel for Excel 2007/2010


The Kiosk add-in takes the full-screen workbook view available in Excel one step further. It renders the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) as a borderless kiosk-style application that allows you to hide everything, including the system taskbar. Kiosk lets you browse workbooks, adjust window views, display reports, charts, and images without restriction for a sleek, full-screen look and feel.

Features include a borderless full-screen transition for all workbooks with the ability to toggle headers, grid lines, worksheet tabs, and scroll bars. Kiosk works together with the Excel application. Show full screen toggle that enables all available functions of the shortcut menu. It also includes a window/worksheet browser to quickly select workbooks, sheets, charts, and images while running in full screen mode.

Kiosk is currently available for Excel 2007/2010 (.XLAM) running on XP, Vista and Windows 7. Purchase Kiosk Online through Plimus. The kiosk costs £10.30 per code license (this includes VAT at 20.0% of £1.71).

Kiosk is a secure and easy-to-install Excel add-in that is protected at the file level. You will need to enter a license code to use the software that will be emailed to you after purchase. NB: When you buy Kiosk.XLSM you have 48 hours to download the Software. You can download Kiosk up to a maximum of 4 times in this period. Kiosk.XLAM must be installed as an Excel add-in. You can even call the kiosk function from a workbook.

Calling the Kiosk plugin function – Once Kiosk is installed, you can call the Kiosk plugin function called Kiosk. Make sure you’re not running Kiosk in full screen mode, and then press alt+F11 to open the VBA IDE. Enter the code below into a subroutine. Run the code to start the Kiosk. The function does not take or return a value. Press Esc to exit Kiosk mode as usual, or use SendKeys to pass Esc as a virtual KeyPress.

Application.Run “Kiosk.xlam!a_main.Kiosk”

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