X4 Extender – An X4labs Penis Extender Review


The X4 Extender is very bold in its claims that it is, in fact, “THE #1” penile extension device manufacturer in the world, so this X4 Extender review will look at why they make this claim. and how they support it. .

First of all, it must be said that there are more positive consumer testimonials written in print and available at podcastthan any of the competing manufacturers in this market.

However, when it comes to consumer reviews, you should always check the “fine print”, which is usually found in their “Disclaimer” or “Terms and Conditions”.

Terms and Conditions

In this case, you can find in “T & C” in their “Legal Notice” section that they say:

“The results stated on the website are based on the results of controlled research and reports from individual clients.”

Unlike, for example, an Acai Berry product that lists bogus testimonials and in their disclaimer section states that those claims cannot be verified; in this case however they can


As stated, the X4 Extender testimonials are comprehensive and while it is sometimes hard not to take such claims with a pinch of salt, if they do indeed verify that these men are who they say they are, and have truly benefited from the X4 system, then that’s reassuring.

Science Behind Penis Traction Enlargement

The science behind the X4 Extender is what is now known as Traction.

As small amounts of stress are applied to the penis, the internal cavities of the penis are forced to expand, while the skin cells break down and duplicate, allowing for an overall increase in length and girth.


Benefits behind this device that are argued on their website that have been medically approved and supported by user reports include:

Increased blood circulation in the penis.

Improved erection strength

better sexual stamina

Increased length and thickness of the penis.

2 X4labs systems

Quad support system

Enter the X4 extender 2 systemsthe first is the quad support system (4 in 1) which includes:

1) 2 extra silicone tube memory foam ear tips

2) 2 extra memory foam pads for comfortable strap.

3) 2 additional silicone tubes

4) 2 additional silicone comfort straps

Hybrid support system

The Hybrid X4 Extender Support System is a support piece (2-in-1) system, combined with the spring-loaded traction device, designed to serve circumcised and uncircumcised men and offers:

1) 2 additional silicone comfort straps

2) 2 additional silicone Comfort harnesses

Both systems come with instructional booklets.

Manufacturer and shipping

Based in North America, X4labs offers direct access to English-speaking customer service agents, and orders are shipped fast and free by USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Unlike European carriers, where delivery can take up to 30 days, where there is typically an additional charge for express delivery, the X4 Extender is guaranteed to arrive in 2 business days, with overnight express shipping options available worldwide. the world.

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