Tips on Color and Types of Chanderi Lehenga Fabrics


The lehenga is one of the favorite wedding and party garments among the younger women in India. This beautiful garment exudes beauty and elegance and only enhances the look of the wearer. The skirt, the blouse and the ‘dupatta’ of this garment are combined to make the wearer feel like a king. For weddings, young Indian women, especially from the northern states of India, consider the lehenga as the best option.

Therefore, the quest to find the best chanderi lehenga is considered a difficult task by most of the fairer sex. The wide variety of fabrics, embroideries, the choice of blouse or jacket, the design and cut, the fit, the list is endless. To help in this matter, the fabric and color of a lehenga is discussed below.

Lehenga Fabrics

Traditionally, the lehenga is a garment in which the abundance of design and embellishment makes the underlying fabric irrelevant. Furthermore, the wearer sometimes feels uncomfortable wearing such overloaded and heavy garments. Keeping this in mind, modern designers have created relatively simpler lehengas for Indian weddings. While there is less decoration on these pieces, these chanderi lehengas are quite impressive in terms of looks and appeal.

cotton lehenga

Cotton as a fabric is usually associated with more casual clothing, but designers have created some stunning lehengas using this fabric. The designs are simple but fashionable, with the advantage of being more comfortable in this light and airy fabric. Also, cotton blends easily with other fabrics, thus creating the richest looking chanderi lehengas, made by interweaving silk and cotton together.

silk lehengas

Silk fabric has enjoyed a high status in the Indian apparel scene since ancient times. The richness of the fabric alone allows for the creation of beautiful lehengas that are simple in design yet timeless in appeal. Also, adding gold or silver embellishments in ‘zari’ work to the lehenga enhances the overall look.

velvet lehenga

This rich look and feel fabric was associated with the clothing of royal peoples in the past. Today, this soft yet shape-retaining fabric is used to create attractive lehengas. Velvet fabric is generally dark in color, so contrasting color designs on the lehenga create visually stunning ensembles.

After selecting the lehenga fabric, the next daunting task is color selection. Outlined below are some colors of the chanderi lehenga that transcend time in terms of attractiveness.

Red – traditional appeal

Lehengas of this color are always in demand during weddings as red symbolizes long-lasting marriage and holiness. Most skin complexions can be matched with this color and the attractiveness is easily complemented. Normally, this color is preferred by the bride or bridesmaids to be the center of attention.

Rose – Symbol of beauty

This color is perhaps the most popular among the various types of lehengas available today. This color looks magnificent on its own or when adorned with gold or silver ‘zari’ works or other similar embellishments. You can buy chanderi lehenga online in various shades of pink to have a truly stunning wedding attire.

To conclude, lehengas made from the three types of fabrics mentioned above in red or pink will be an ideal choice for a gorgeous and stunning wedding look.

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