The best free kids games to play with your little preschooler


Some fun free games for kids are all you need to teach your little preschooler their letters, numbers, colors, or just about anything educational.

Little time and enthusiasm are the only ingredients you need for these fun games to have an enjoyable learning time with your young child. Take a look at this list of free and easy kids games to play with your child and watch them gain the necessary knowledge.

  • let’s play store
  • Learning letters can be fun with this alphabet coin game. Give your child some alphabet coins. You can make these out of cardboard or use foam letters if you have them. Collect some objects from the house, which is something like, for example, bread and some fruits. Set up your own little store and let your child pretend to be a customer in the store. Let him or her buy the items in exchange or part of the alphabetical currency from her. For example, let’s say a banana costs 2 x and 1 x b. Not just letters but kids can even understand some basic math and money concepts with this game.

  • Number your household items
  • Get some number stickers or just make some at home by involving your little one in making them. If your numbers say 11-20 that you are looking to familiarize your child with, all you need to do is stick these numbers on household items around the house. You can use chairs in the Diner or drawers in your dresser and refer to those drawers by their numbers as you talk to your child. Then they will be so used to seeing the numbers that they will catch on in no time.

  • What am I wearing?
  • This is one of the fun free games for kids that you and your little one can play almost anywhere and anytime. Just start by describing whatever item you’re wearing: “I’m wearing black socks” and then it’s your child’s turn to think about the color of whatever item she’s wearing. Then they can think of something he or she is wearing “I’m wearing blue shoes” and you can continue playing this game.

Spend quality time with your little one and you can watch him pick up just about any skill you want. Play kids games and enjoy with your little one.

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