Protect Your Headphones With a Headphone Bag


Headphone Bag

Many people prefer to use a headphone bag that can prevent their headphones from being damaged. This is because the case has a hard outer shell and is resistant to physical bumps and impacts. It also features a soft inner lining that protects your headphones from scratching and other damage. The case is easy to carry and can be stored in a backpack or other handbag.

EVA material is a soft, flexible and highly recyclable plastic that can be used for many purposes. It is lightweight and has excellent anti-vibration and thermal insulation properties. It is also odourless and glossy. This makes it a popular choice for shoe cushioning and packaging materials. It also has buoyancy, making it ideal for fishing rods.

It is made from a combination of several plastic raw materials. These include plastic particles of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer and Polyethylene, filler of calcium carbonate and talcum powder, foaming agent of AC, DCP crosslinking agent and lubricating agent of stearic acid. This mixture is then heated and blended with catalysts to produce a molten liquid that is then formed into a closed-cell foam.

Protect Your Headphones With a Headphone Bag

The EVA material can be fabricated to be a wide variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. These can be customised for the specific needs of the customer. This is made possible by utilising the foam fabrication capabilities of the company, including foam lamination and foam slitting.

The zipper enclosure used in this headphone bag headset cover ensures that your headphones are protected from unwanted conditions. Its padded structure also protects them during transit, making it the perfect accessory for DJs and other mobile music professionals. Its convenient hook clip allows you to attach it to a backpack, rucksack or bag so that your headphones are always handy. This way, you will never forget your headphones again!

The Magma Riot Headphone Bag Pro is made of a padded water-resistant material and has a number of fitted pockets and zipped compartments for keeping things like earphones, USB drives (including the larger Corsair types), travel documents, pens/pencils, leads and cables, business cards and even an iPad safely secure. It even includes a hole for poking the connector end of your headphones through so you can listen to music while you are in transit.

The headphone holes are designed to accommodate most brands of headphones, including Bose and Marshall. Its soft inner inlay stores your headphones gently and keeps them securely fixed through the use of cavyties. The carabiner clip is a great way to keep your headphones close to you when you’re on the move. It prevents your headphones from getting tangled up and it also ensures that they’re always within reach when you need them. It’s also a stylish accessory, so you can use it to add some extra flair to your bag or backpack.

Its reinforced and durable EVA shell protects your headphones from outside shocks, scratches, and dust. The smooth mink interior provides a grand feel and the carabiner hook lets you secure it to your bag. It works with most over-the-ear Bluetooth and conventional headsets, including those made by Boat, Sony, Motorola, JBL, Beats, Marshall, Skullcandy, Philips, and Boult. The case’s water-resistant zipper is fastened with a molded alloy to keep your headphones dry and safe from damage. The thick lining protects against bumps and drops, and the base can stand on its own. There are additional pouches inside to store accessories such as earbuds, aux cables, and a charger.

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