Pros and cons of walk behind lawn mowers


Walk-behind lawn mowers vary based on many factors, including what drives the motion, how the blades move, what pushes the entire mower, and what happens to the grass clippings. The best type of walking behind depends mainly on the slope and size of your lawn – how many trees do you have and what is the condition of your lawn – smooth or weedy? Of course, your training is also your choice. Some people think that mowing the lawn is good exercise, while others may want it to be as easy as possible.

Most rotary blade mowers can pack, shred, or dump clippings with ease. A reel mower can be equipped with a bag or just drop your clippings to the ground. In general, all the main types of mowers have different benefits and losses.

Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Generally, a self-propelled gas mower is powered by its engine without being pushed. It can be front or rear wheel drive – single speed or variable speed – and some may have cruise control.

Recommended for half-acre gardens, self-propelled mowers cut more evenly compared to other types of lawn mowers. They can start with an electrical switch. Another high-end feature is a blade override. This stops the blade without cutting the motor. It means that you can stop a self-propelled mower to empty the bag or pick up items without restarting the engine. It also increases your security.

Like any gas mower, a self-propelled model needs regular cleaning and maintenance. They are loud enough and require hearing protection. They are the most expensive type of lawnmower and most likely to need repair. Safety is also a concern. Emissions are another major concern for both global warming and air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that gas mowers emit air pollution. You can minimize emissions by simply selecting a lawn mower with an engine that meets CARB – California Air Resources Board emission standards. If it seems impossible, choose a four-stroke overhead valve OHV engine because it saves more fuel and can outlast any two-cycle mower engine.

Gasoline push mowers

Very inviting for lawns up to a third of an acre, push lawn mowers require more physical exercise. They need fewer repairs than any self-propelled mower, but they don’t last long. They can easily pocket the clippings. Experts recommend them for side discharge or mulching mode.

Electric corded mowers

They offer easy starting and have lower noise levels. They are lightweight and reported to have lower emissions than any gas mower. Some communities offer discounts for switching from gas powered lawn mowers to electric lawn mowers. Electric corded mowers can be found as self-propelled or push mowers.

Cordless Electric Mowers

They give you more reach and flexibility since they are not tied to a power cord. They are the easiest type to convert to solar energy.

Manual reel mowers

With global warming a growing concern, manual reel lawn mowers are gaining popularity around the world. This is the quietest and safest type of mower available to meet your personal needs.

Look up lawn mowers in detail, if you’re not sure which mode you want to use the most. A comparative overview will help you find the right machine for your lawn maintenance.

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