Is There a Vegetarian Option in Your Jerky Subscription Box?


Is There a Vegetarian Option in Your Jerky Subscription Box?

It can be challenging to keep pantry shelves, glove boxes, and pants pockets stocked with beef jerky. First of all, it requires near-constant trips to the store.

Luckily, there are plenty of plant-based options like the hickory smoked Snack Jack made with jackfruit. These vegan jerkies are packed with flavor and mimic the texture of meat.

Solely Jerky

Solely focuses on developing clean food products that are better for consumers, growers and the planet. The company produces its organic, single-ingredient fruit jerky in small batches and works closely with farmers to reduce the amount of produce that is wasted. Solely’s products are shelf-stable and require less energy to transport than their fresh counterparts.

Each 8.0 oz pack contains 12 strips of Solely’s Organic Mango Fruit Jerky made with one whole, organic mango and nothing else. The fruit is hand-selected at peak, then cut and compressed using a specialized process to seal in maximum flavor.

Solely also offers its Pineapple Fruit jerky subscription box crafted with one half of a real, organic pineapple and nothing else, with no added sugar, preservatives or concentrates. Both varieties are USDA Organic and vegan, with no GMOs or trans fats. They’re ideal for snacking on the go. Solely is a great fit for stores looking to add plant-based protein options and has been crushing it at the virtual ECRM sessions and on RangeMe.

Noble Jerky

Noble Jerky makes plant-based jerky that’s perfect for vegetarians or those looking for a healthy snack option. Their vegan jerky is made from non-GMO ingredients and carefully marinated for a delicious flavor and texture. Plus, it’s low in sugar so you can feel good about snacking on this nutritious jerky.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Company uses shiitake mushrooms to create meat-free jerky that’s high in umami and rich in protein. Their jerky is also free from saturated fat and gluten. And it comes in several delicious flavors, including Thai Peanut and Texas BBQ.

Founded by a former meat company, Moku uses plant-based ingredients to create savory and chewy vegan jerky. Their jerky is crafted from a mix of vegetables and coconut, making it perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to beef jerky. Plus, their jerky is always made without GMOs. And, all orders over $85 ship for free – including perishables. So, you can enjoy this yummy jerky wherever you go.

Snack Jack

Once upon a not-so-hungry afternoon, I found myself on a quest. Not the kind that requires a sword and shield, but one that involves finding the treasure trove of vegetarian options hidden in the most unexpected of dungeons – a fast-food menu.

Snack Jack is an innovative plant-based jerky made from nutrient-dense jackfruit. The sliced pieces are gluten-free, top-8 allergen-free (including dairy and soy), grain-free, low-sodium, preservative-free, low-glycemic, nut-free, oil-free, almost fat-free, and 100% vegan. Each bag also supports Keep Austin Fed, a local nonprofit that helps connect surplus food with those in need.

High Tides at Snack Jack is a place where surfers hang out – real ones with wooden boards and cut-off dungarees, not the floppy-eyed, sunglassed pseudo-surfers that seem to populate every other restaurant in town. They come here to enjoy the food, friendly service and beautiful view of the lake that gives this restaurant its name.

Inferno Box

The Inferno Box takes spicy beef jerky to a whole new level. The box contains a variety of jerky that ranges from sizzling habanero to the infamous Carolina Reaper.

The jerky is made by the world’s best craft jerky brands, and the spicy levels are tested on each batch to make sure they are just right for you. This is one subscription box that will definitely make your tongue burn.

Deck Box Details

This is a high quality, 2.4 mm thick, board game box that holds 120 Standard sleeved cards and up to 100 double sleeved. It features a dice tray that is attached via 6 pairs of extremely strong embedded magnets and full-color Microfiber Suede lining featuring artworks of the Inferno.

The Inferno, Magnificent, and Unreal boxes were introduced in the Summer 2017 update as a running gag to troll users who complain about bad luck with Mystery Boxes by giving them the chance to open an Exotic or Vintage that they don’t want.

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