By: Eric Butow and Rebecca Bollwitt

ISBN 978-0-7897-4256-8

Book Price: $25.99

A compelling portfolio in the web marketing industry

Eric is CEO of Butow Communications Group (BCG), an online marketing and web design company. Rebecca is a co-founder of a company (Sixty4media), which specializes in WordPress design and development, as well as social media consulting. Her combined wisdom of hers presents a compelling portfolio in the web marketing industry!

How to take advantage of blogs in your business

The authors reveal the benefits and keys of a blogging strategy for companies. In nine chapters they express topics such as: Why Blogs are so important (Chapter 1); creating a blog strategy (Chap. 3); attract the attention of your Blog (Chap. 7); get interaction with Blogging multimedia (Chap. 8), and other keys to take advantage of Blogs in your business.

Excellent practical information to build businesses through Blogs

Eric and Rebecca open discussions in a purposeful, analytical style by sharing the main goal of their book, stating, “…learn more about blogging, both from a technical and strategic perspective.”

To attract the attention of readers, writers focus on the practical use of blogs in business. They share: “The most immediate use of a blog is to talk about your products and services. The conversation benefits not only your current customers, but also potential customers who may have questions…”

“Tips” and “notes” are added in special sections to add value to the big idea reading experience. One such idea is this: “…marketers will tell you to update your website frequently…updates keep people coming back and search engines are always looking for new content on sites.”

Bullet points are used to inject ideas in a concise format. A key to taking care of blog readers is mentioned: “The more engaged your readers are, the more likely they are to return to your blog and your site.”

The authors include case studies to amplify their points, as seen, “Having lots of information on your blogs is a great way to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more, and the city of Arvada, Colorado has a site web which is a good example…” This book is informative and very useful for business owners!

win more business

Eric and Rebecca present a concise and practical tool to get more business!

Success Step: State how bogging down could be used to build your business. Turn this into an actionable step and put it into action. What ideas from this review could be used in your business to increase sales on the web?