Email Marketing Tips: How To Spy On Your Competition’s Email Marketing Strategy


You know them. They are the companies and individuals who compete with and sometimes steal your customer base right under your nose. Their website may or may not be as flashy as yours and their products may not be as good, and yet their numbers always seem to be better. You know why? Have you taken the time to know what your competitors’ email marketing strategy is?

Spying on the competition

Unless you are very lucky and have a competitor who is willing to freely share all their great ideas with you, the quickest way to find out what they are up to is to sign up for their mailing list. It sounds so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it already, right? That’s what I said when I thought about it.

Go to their website and enter your email address. Take a couple of months and read what they are sending to your list and in no time you will see what their email marketing strategy is. Don’t rush though, take the time to carefully study as many of your competitors as possible. Find out what they’re doing that works and figure out what they’re doing that you could improve on.

It won’t be long before you figure out how to do what they’re doing one step better and that, my friends, is how to beat the competition using their own email marketing strategy against them.

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