What to do in Grenada, West Indies


Things to do in Granada are plentiful for those wondering how to spend their vacations or vacations. With white sand beaches, abundant wildlife and cultural experiences to enjoy, Grenada is a very popular island in the West Indies for travelers. Here are some ideas for how to spend your time there:

1. Snorkeling and beach

The white sand beaches are certainly very beautiful, not to mention the warm Caribbean Sea. There are several places where you can practice the best snorkeling. For example, Sandy Island is a short boat trip off the north coast of Grenada. Ideal for enjoying colorful tropical fish. Not far from Sandy Island is Carriacou, where you can practice some of the best snorkeling and diving. Surrounded by reefs, fish and marine life certainly abound.

Sergeants majors abound in Flamingo Bay. If you take some bread with you, you can even experience them intimately!

2. Food

An island like Grenada has many interesting gastronomic opportunities for newcomers. For example, with the cocoa pods that grow on the island, a visit to the chocolate factory is a must. Learn about the process and even make a purchase from the store.

Gouyave’s Fish Friday is a weekly cultural event not to be missed. Mingle with the locals as you enjoy succulent fresh fish on the grill while listening to some popular tunes.

St George’s Market is stocked with locally grown fruits, vegetables and spices. It’s definitely worth a visit to experience the hustle, bustle, and color.

3. Wildlife

With wildlife ranging from monkeys to the island’s 178 different types of hummingbirds, there is something for everyone. Levera Beach is a destination for leatherback turtles during March through August. The best time to visit is from May to June. Use a local guide for the best sightings.

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