We must close and secure the border between Mexico and the United States immediately to prevent the swine flu pandemic


With the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic in Mexico City, the United States is in a terrible position. Many people are leaving the city and need a place to go. Since many Mexican families have relatives in the United States, it makes sense for many to head here. By the time they arrive in the United States to flee from this H1N1 swine flu, some will have already been infected and may be bringing it back. In fact, even if we close the borders now, it could be too late.

Our failure to close the borders, in fact, demonstrates a fundamental flaw in our leadership. The number one job of government is to protect the American people from threats both foreign and domestic. An outbreak of the pandemic influenza virus in the neighboring country is a threat, a serious one for our people. So far, it appears that the US government and the CDC are not taking action fast enough and may have condemned many Americans to this H1N1 virus due to their inaction.

So the question is, how many Americans can die from the H1N1 swine flu virus in Mexico City? Will it just be a full hand, 20, 50, or even 100? It is estimated that in Mexico City by Sunday, April 26, 2009, about 300 people will have died. Left unchecked, this pandemic could kill tens of thousands, maybe more, so it’s no laughing matter or anything to take lightly. Not only should we study this outbreak and readjust our bioweapons computer model of its spread, but we should take decisive action to stop it, now.

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