Upcoming challenges for mobile development and mobile marketing


The digital world is evolving and trends are changing in the real world, making the world faster than ever and technology more stable. Mobile is all about today’s world, which was born with the invention of the first pager in 1956. The world began using mobile devices and the launch of NTT’s first commercial mobile phone in Japan was the next step in stabilizing this mobility.

Innovation in this mobility with SMS originated in Europe in 1985. SMS was a boom in the late 1900s and early 2000s, and it is still the main cellular activity. Now, there are more than 4 billion mobile phone subscribers, with 74% of them using SMS, of which 94% of SMS are read. In the UK alone, 1.4 billion text messages are sent every week.

It’s all about mobile phones and SMS, innovations like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and mobile internet integration constantly open up new horizons of excellence for mobile marketing. Web marketing is one of the most profitable marketing methods with the maximum reach. Since there are more mobile phone subscribers than Internet users, mobile devices open up wide avenues of marketing for small, medium and large businesses.

The integrated mobile web market is still under development, due to lack of awareness among the majority of mobile phone subscribers, that is, there are around 10 million users worldwide using GPRS services representing only about 0.25% of total subscribers. But this low percentage does not mean that mobile marketing is not growing. There are several alternative methods within mobile marketing, including SMS marketing, in-game mobile marketing, location-based services, etc.

Ingame Mobile Marketing is the fast growing area and future of mobile marketing. The reason is that more than 90% of mobile phone subscribers play mobile games. From simple interactive real-time 3D games to massively multiplayer and social media games, mobile gaming is everywhere. This trend is accelerating the growth of mobile technology 2.0 on the one hand and therefore mobile development on the other.

Mobile development, which is the next big thing, is now the focus of small, medium and large companies and therefore it is becoming a competitive industry. The task is getting more difficult as industry leaders Nokia and Google have moved towards open source, and this situation is critical for ISVs. ZDNet also advises that it will not be the great user interface as the only challenge, the things that matter the most are the ideas and methodologies. Although ISVs are more under pressure, companies will be under the same pressure and will have to face almost the same challenges. It will be the race of collective innovation [what I can term it as] o Product innovation [combination of innovation in methodologies, design, productivity etc] therefore, overall performance innovation will win!

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