Top Christian Wealth Building Wealth Book Review: Is It Worth It?


By: S. Truett Cathy (2011)

Published by Looking Glass Books, Inc., 730 Sycamore St. Decatur, Georgia 30030.

ISBN 978-1-929619-40-5

Book Price: $ 20.00

Founder of a successful multi-billion dollar food chain

Truett Cathy is the founder of a successful multi-billion dollar food chain. Without an overnight success story, Cathy worked with his wife, Jeannette, for twenty-one years behind the counter at their family restaurant. He opened the first restaurant at age 46. Today the chain has more than 1,500 restaurants, generating almost $ 4 billion a year.

Opportunities and responsibilities that accompany wealth

In four eye-opening chapters, Truett Cathy explores the opportunities and responsibilities that accompany financial success. It includes stories from friends like Warren Buffett and talks about the power of wealth (Chapter 1), honestly earned wealth (Chapter 2), smart spending and reasonable saving (Chapter 3), and generosity (Chapter 4).

Wealth Opportunities Through Powerful Keys To Success

S. Truett Cathy communicates with a warm, transparent and experiential expression. He states: “I have experienced poverty and abundance, and I have decided that I prefer to live abundantly.”

With relevant examples, Cathy transmits powerful keys to business success of her business. He shares, “We have over fifteen hundred restaurants in the chain, but each of those restaurants represents a family creating their own sweet memories. By ‘keeping small’, we also remain sensitive to the needs of others … “

The practical wisdom Cathy shares expresses why she has been successful in business. He does not hesitate to boldly advise readers, saying, “Everyone needs a budget, a spending plan that allows them to buy the things they need and set aside enough for long-term requirements.”

Mr. Cathy illustrates his points using examples of successful entrepreneurs. In his discussion of generosity, he says that “people like Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and Bill Marriott. Not only did they create products and services that make our lives more enjoyable, they were incredibly generous with their money.”

Cathy never takes responsibility from our lives, he challenges with: “God gives us opportunities to plow the field, but we have to plow it ourselves if we hope to make a harvest … It takes a lot of work on our part.”

Building wealth

S. Truett Cathy expresses the opportunities and responsibilities available to those who build wealth in their life.

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