The Science of Weight Loss


For many, the challenge of losing weight is the hardest of all. The combination of internal food cravings and environmental messages overwhelm the best intentions of even the most disciplined. It seems that the appetite center is somehow misplaced, and when you should be glad that the body has enough food for the moment, you are working overtime and yelling “eat, eat, eat, starvation is near.” This problem has led to an overwhelming number of adults and children with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

A couple of years ago, I sat down and looked at all the factors I could think of to help someone who wanted to lose weight, but just couldn’t do it successfully. We tested various products and came up with one that worked like a dream for most people, but not everyone. We call it Healthy-Thin. That is why we have continued working on it and improving it. I’m happy to say that we’ve just finished rephrasing it. I am really excited about it and it is much more powerful than the previous product. Here’s the scoop …

The first thing was to overcome an out-of-control appetite. What could be safely given to do this? When I looked around, I wanted something that had been used in cultures for a long time and that was not a pharmaceutical product that had very little experience in life. We found Hoodia, a cactus found in Africa and has been used by natives for many centuries. These natives often chased their prey for days with little or no food. To suppress their hunger, they chewed on this cactus. It contains substances that trick the brain into thinking it is full. It is a natural appetite suppressant and tells the appetite center, “stop pushing for more food.” It’s very safe. The hardest Hoodia problem is finding a source that is actually active. There are many varieties of Hoodia that do not do much. We tested products from 23 vendors before we could find one that had a very high potency and would make you wonder, “why am I not hungry?” Most of the Hoodia on the store shelf and on the internet are low-potency or no-potency varieties and they don’t work. The Hoodia in Healthy-Thin is active (by very sophisticated laboratory analysis) and has the exact molecular makeup to quench the appetite center.

Then we had the problem of people whose metabolism has fallen asleep and for whatever reason does not wake up. Ordinary weight loss remedies use harmful stimulants like ephedra and caffeine to do this, but this leaves people with their adrenal glands in their pits. We discovered the Brazilian plant known as Cha De Bugre. It is loaded with potassium, allantoin, and allantoic acid that help boost metabolism and suppress your appetite. Cha de Bugre also has positive benefits for the heart. Its powerful energy, appetite suppression, and ability to help reduce fat deposits make it an important addition to Healthy-Thin.

Probably the biggest problem a doctor faces when dealing with an overweight person is getting the body to respond to glucose in a normal way. For many, the high load of sugars and carbohydrates entering the body for many years has filled the cells with so much sugar that they refuse to take in more. So the person eats a cake or a coke and his blood sugar level goes up a lot, and the blood wants to get rid of this sugar and pour it into the cells and the cells are already full. So the blood sugar can’t go anywhere and stays high. What can we do about it?

There are two important pieces that we add to Healthy-Thin to address this issue. The first is McB-E60.

McB-E60 is a unique herb from the Amazon that has been shown to increase glucose (blood sugar) utilization, which in turn promotes cellular energy and weight loss. Initial studies completed with McB-E60 reported that after 3 months of continuous use, blood glucose levels tended to normalize even when the herb was stopped. This suggests that McB-E60 may help restore pancreatic beta cell activity. During this test, cholesterol and triglycerides improved with improved glucose regulation.

This is great for restoring pancreatic function!

No known drug will do this! Therefore, continue with Healthy-Thin for at least 3 months and this will bring the blood sugar level into line and may improve your pancreas.

The second additive that helps with this regulation of blood sugar is Salacia Reticulata. Salacia is a large climbing plant that grows in Sri Lanka and western India. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries when doctors told diabetics to simply drink from the water soaked in the plant’s wood to restore their health. In addition to studies showing that salacia helps with weight loss, one study in particular found that when salacia is taken before consuming a sugar-laden drink, the sugar-inhibiting effects of salacia significantly suppress the level of glucose in the stream. blood. This is due to the “mangiferin” component of salacia, which inhibits sugar absorption and also increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Exceptionally, Healthy-Thin has ingredients that no other dietary supplement has.

Finally, all overweight people have excess body water. We add Corn Silke Extract and Buchu Extract to help increase urination and mobilize this swollen water. With the additional fat burning that occurs during dieting, toxins stored in fat begin to enter the bloodstream and go to the liver. We add Dandelion Root Extract and Parsley Seed Extract to flush these toxins through the bile so the body gets rid of them quickly.

In short, we have solved the problem of what supplement to give to the overweight person to help control their appetite, their blood sugar in a good range, improve their pancreatic function, increase fat burning, eliminate excess water and toxins. flushed. This product is Healthy Thin. We know it will work for you as it has for thousands more.

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