The Physics Behind Egg Catching: An Application Of Momentum And Momentum


Question: You and a friend are participating in an egg tossing contest. The objective of this contest is to launch an egg to the greatest distance without breaking or breaking. Describe your strategy for catching eggs that have been thrown a great distance without breaking in terms of physics. Use terms like momentum and momentum.

The student’s response was:

When trying to catch an egg with the greatest distance, there are several things to keep in mind. Things like the weight of the egg, how far you throw it, and how you catch the egg can change the results a lot.

First of all, when throwing something as small as an egg, it should be noted that the greater the distance, the more force is exerted to launch the egg. The more force exerted on the egg, the more momentum there will be. This is especially important when catching the egg, because catching it incorrectly can cause it to hatch.

Capturing the egg can be particularly difficult, because the egg is very brittle and fragile. To reduce momentum, you should hold the egg by the sides so it doesn’t splash on your hand. The momentum of the egg, which is its average strength over a period of time, must be reduced to ensure a safe landing for the egg. By grabbing the egg from the sides, you are reducing its momentum and momentum and then making the egg fall into your palm.

The tutor’s response was: To win the competition, we must throw the egg as high as we can. So when it falls, it will also have a high speed. Set the egg mass. So if we need to win this competition, we must be prepared to face a huge boost that we will receive when it arrives. Let’s say we take the “t” time to catch this egg. So, the force when catching the egg will be “F” given by:

F * t = m (vf-vi)

Then F = m (vf-vi) / t

And we have already seen that the mass m is fixed.

Also Vf = 0 because the egg finally stops after catching it.

Vi is the speed that was just before catching the egg and we have already seen it, it will be very high if we want to win the competition.

Now, to decrease the force, the only thing we can do is keep the contact time with our hands “t” as high as possible.

If we do that, we can reduce the force F to such a limit that the egg, although quite fragile, does not break.

To increase the contact time, we need to catch the egg in sweeping action. We need to move our hands down so that the relative velocity between the hand and the egg is lower. This will effectively increase the “t” time and therefore the F-Force will be reduced.

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