Let’s start this quirky nature piece with a kind of disclaimer that although it is written from a male perspective, it should never be construed as misogynistic, which is certainly not how you will consequently understand it. This is written for the noblest of purposes: to try to ensure eternal marital happiness and bliss come what may. Therefore, whenever I mention ‘spouse’ I will definitely refer to the wife. Various situations arise in homes and in husband-wife relationships for various reasons; and emotions abound, eternally floating between the four walls. The best way to manage these emotions, only in certain unhappy conditions, is to reverse them. The investment process must come solely from you, the husband, and it promises to be very difficult; but, I assure you, it should be very effective even though I don’t have any data to back it up and I only throw up typical situations where this unique method can be practiced.

One day they both wake up very late and go about their morning business in a rather lazy, albeit guilty, manner. Now, in most households the most important aspect would always be ‘who will have the privilege of using the bathroom first’, and this is entirely up to your spouse. You or any of the members can take advantage of the opportunity only when she issues the permission. That day she gives you the green signal to bathe first, and in a happy frame of mind you prepare for the privilege. By the time you are ready to put the towel around your lower half and about to go to the bathroom, your spouse appears with something in his hands and says that he has a little business to do in the bathroom and tells you to wait a bit. . You wait sitting in a chair.

After about ten minutes you get a little doubtful and approach the closed bathroom door asking politely, ‘are you taking a shower?’ to which she says ‘no’. You return to your chair with the towel still around your lower half. More than twenty minutes pass and now you become impatient, hungry and even angry. She then comes out saying that she decided to take the bath for such and such a reason. You show your emotions by continuing to sit in the chair, with the towel around your lower half. Now, she gets angry at your indifference to her generosity and she blames you with baseless accusations as to why you didn’t go there right away. Obviously you’re really mad now; you get rid of the towel, put on your shorts and start to prepare breakfast, very hungry. All hell breaks loose: you scold her and your inevitable retorts justifying your action that you had no ulterior motives. Her spouse is in no mood to give in and the morning she almost spoiled. In such a situation, the ‘reversal of emotions’ process is good: he flashes a wide smile or a fixed grimace while sitting in a chair without murmuring a syllable, and the moment she leaves, he walks in smiling and silence. The morning and eventually the day are in store for you.

Another good morning you wake up at your normal time and go about your morning business in good spirits. His spouse informs him that since he has work in the afternoon, lunch will be early and tells him to have a light breakfast. You obey very kindly. After that ‘light’ breakfast, your partner sits in bed talking on his mobile phone. And she goes on talking for hours, apparently forgetting the ‘early lunch command’, and you find yourself waiting indefinitely, desperately hungry. Somehow you get by with a visit or two to the kitchen taking a bite of dried fruit or nuts or crackers. When it becomes intolerable you tell him, still busy talking, a little loudly, ‘You promised me an early lunch, and now I’m tormented by hunger.’ If you can’t, let me cook myself…’ And obviously all hell breaks loose again. You can easily avoid this by adopting the process of ’emotional reversal’: doing your job with a wide smile or a fixed grimace and saying absolutely nothing, ignoring the growing pangs of hunger like a spiritualist; because peace and happiness is the priority.

You both have an important appointment to attend that day, and you told your spouse well in advance to get ready at the appropriate time without fail. Like most wives, she is late and even past the time you are supposed to arrive at your destination. Her casual, nonchalant ways infuriate you even more. However, in this situation you are already following the advice of this nullity: wait patiently and remain absolutely silent, unable to show the recommended wide smile or the fixed smile. You are only a human being. You can’t help long impatient breaths that escape your lungs and mutter extremely low, monosyllables like ‘oh my God!’ kind of things. Even these catch the attentive ears of your spouse and all hell threatens to break out again. Then you understand the peculiar utility of following the ‘reversal of emotions’ process in its entirety.

Right or wrong and reasonable or unreasonable arguments hardly matter in matters of a happy married life. You gladly accept wrong if your spouse says so, and your “right” is never easily accepted, a fact to which you must surrender. If you say it’s wrong as ‘wrong’, it will clearly work as a trigger to make it erupt like a volcano; never idle, you must understand that too. You see, all for the eternal happiness and bliss of marriage. However, this is not the big picture. On many occasions, your spouse returns to your ‘right’ some time later, making you ecstatic and vindicated; however, he will help himself better if he does not display these emotions too openly. It’s also imperative that you be a perfect listener, which you probably are in the workplace. When your spouse is in an expansive mood and launches into a long soliloquy, you should continue to listen in the most alert position, never interrupting her, getting up or moving, or fiddling with her mobile phone, apart from bored or similar feelings that can have. have found in the process.

Of course, you must understand your better half taking into account all the circumstances at home and outside of it that can invariably affect her. In recent times, the pandemic and frequent lockdowns are making your spouse a prisoner in the kitchen with no outlets or food packages from your favorite restaurants, and all this easily makes most wives feel stressed beyond measure and irritated all the time. You must understand your better half much more than you understand yourself. If you want to help her in the kitchen, which you must do, do it as she wants, and be very careful that nothing in the kitchen moves or the floor gets dirty, even if it is spilling a few drops of water. She is likely to make mistakes in jobs he is not used to, so whenever he makes mistakes, undo them immediately before her spouse finds out. And, always keep the ‘investment’ formula in mind.