The Hotwife Lifestyle – 3 Secrets To Make It Work!


For many couples, the Hotwife lifestyle is a savings for the marriage, something that can be counterintuitive considering the pain, anguish and problems that infidelity often causes in a marriage. But …

Hotwife lifestyle

It is NOT the same as ordinary cheating.

Let me explain: when someone has an ‘affair’, it usually means that they are doing it behind the other’s back. And that means there is something very incorrect between them for that to happen.

But a woman who is a hot wife is different, because it is done not only with the consent and full knowledge of her husband … but generally she is doing it with her approval and urgency!

Now, for many men and women, that will make them raise their arms in horror. And that’s okay, because no one is suggesting that someone do something they don’t want to do.

But the fact is, having a hot wife is the hottest fantasy of many men, and their real problem is often phrased like this: “How can I get my wife to sleep with other men without her thinking that I am strange, perverted or that I am no longer in love with her?“.

And it is a good question because the instinctive reaction of many women is a feeling of loss and almost abandonment; in fact, many of them think the man is asking them to do it Hey then you can take another partner, but the truth is that most men don’t want this at all. What they want is for their wives to include them in the marriage, to the extent that they want to see it, hear it, hear it all, or even join in.

However, it still has its potential problems, especially in the early days. So with that in mind, based on my own experience as the husband of my own hot wife in the last 7 years, here are three tips to help things go better:

  1. Always put your partner in position # 1. By this I mean that it is vital that you see a clear distinction between a sexual partner and a relationship. If there is ever any pressure from your lover to exclude the man in some way, then the ground rules should see marriage clearly and unambiguously as the most important thing. In other words, the lover has to go!
  2. Don’t expect the “same things”. As a man, it is not worth worrying about what she might be doing for him or with him that she is not doing for you or for you. It is not a competition and everyone has different likes and dislikes, and the sexual dynamics of each couple is also different. What you should focus on is getting what YOU need and forgetting what the other gets.
  3. Either one should be able to say ‘stop’. Things change and so do people. Therefore, it is important that any of you have the veto power, both over an individual man and a potential lover, a situation or event, or even the entire lifestyle of a hot wife. It is a recipe for disaster to have a situation where the man is uncomfortable with the boy he has taken as a lover and she, in effect, tells him that it is “bad luck.”

If you can follow these three simple guidelines, then the hotwife lifestyle might be the one for you. But be careful with your sources of information. It’s a potential minefield, and it’s worth walking carefully. My wife, Josselyn, and I have been in the lifestyle for the past 7 years and aside from a few hiccups, it has been a lot of fun.

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