The 7 Golden Rules To Grow At Least An Extra 2 Inches To Your Penis Size In 8 Weeks (NATURALLY!)


Yes I say it seriously. In fact, it can grow at least an additional 2 inches to the size of your penis. Even more, you can do this within 8 weeks. What’s more, you can do it 100% naturally, without side effects, without spending a fortune, and you can keep all your earnings … for life! You can have a penis the size of a pornstar before you know it!

It sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s true, and the way to make it possible is to follow the 7 golden rules of male enhancement. If you follow these rules, then it is almost guaranteed that you can increase the length, girth, and firmness of your erection. It will also make your flabby size bigger, fix premature ejaculation, fire your load like a cannon, and much more!

Okay, if you are ready to get on the right path to penis enlargement success, below I will reveal those 7 golden rules that you need to follow.

But first …

Please understand that you will NOT get the results you expect unless you first follow ALL the rules below. Second, you won’t get the results you want unless you stay 100% consistent.

The rules below are based on NATURAL enlargement. This means that while results come fast, there are NO SHORTCUTS to success. Consistency and dedication is what will give you INCREDIBLE penis size quickly.

Alright, now let’s get into those rules, shall we?

Rule 1 – Avoid the unnatural approach by all means necessary!

Doing something unnatural with your endowment will only cause you pain, side effects, little to no growth, and you won’t keep what you’ve gotten permanently.

Unnatural options include pills, surgical methods, tools, creams, patches, lotions, and potions!

That may have sounded like it mentioned every last method out there. But that is not the case. There is only one tried and true method that is gentle, safe, POWERFUL, and guaranteed effective … and that method involves using nothing but your hands to maximize your size.

Rule # 2 – Change your diet.

What you eat directly can affect how big you can grow. It can also negatively affect you by getting bigger.

Foods to eat to grow include foods high in protein (lean chicken breast, for example), antioxidants (like berries), healthy fats (like unsalted almonds), and micronutrients (like RAW fruits and vegetables). I also recommend drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily for great results.

Foods to avoid include salty foods (use Mrs. Dash for seasoning instead of salt), foods high in bad fats (like fast food), and excess alcohol.

Of course, following this rule will also improve your overall body!

Now the reason watching what you eat is so important is because of blood flow. Proper blood circulation is VERY important to get a bigger and stronger penis size.

Rule # 3 – Change your lifestyle.

I love video games! I can play Skyrim or GTA 5 until my fingers go numb! However, having a sedentary lifestyle will do nothing to increase your penis size.

If you want to grow and protect your overall health, I must add, I strongly suggest that you become more active. This includes being fit at least 3 times a week and becoming more active during the day. I don’t mean to be on your feet all day, just to spend a good part of the day doing something active.

Staying active keeps blood flowing effectively and increases testosterone levels … which helps the penis grow.

Rule # 4 – Increase blood flow naturally.

What this means is avoiding taking male enhancement pills and instead following rules 1-3 above.

Rule # 5 – Improve the chambers of your penis.

The chambers of your penis are the chambers that expand to form your erection. When they expand, they fill with the increased blood flow from rules 1-4 above! The key to getting a bigger erection is to increase the size of the penile chambers so they can hold more blood … which equates to a BIGGER erection!

The only possible way to do this is to stimulate your cameras using only your hands.

Rule # 6 – Extend your suspensory ligament.

Your ligament is what makes up the length of your penis. If this ligament spreads smoothly and naturally, this is how it can grow at least 2 inches long in 8 weeks.

Again, this is only possible … and safe, using only your hands.

Rule # 7 – Strengthen your PC muscle.

The PC muscle is a very small muscle that controls the flow of ejaculation and also helps with proper blood flow to erection. If you naturally strengthen this little muscle, then you no longer have to worry about premature ejaculation, you will have stronger erections and explosive orgasms.

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