Tea, an eternal remedy for stomach cramps


Are you suffering from stomach cramps? It is time to try some good remedies to combat them. For that, nothing better than tea. All its varieties can help you.

Stomach colic is one of the most common problems at any age. They are characterized by contractions of the digestive organs that produce spasms. Sometimes they appear as a nuisance with temporary pain, however, especially in women, they can be very strong, preventing you from carrying out your daily activities.

Colic is usually related to digestive problems and when it occurs with diarrhoea, colitis and gastritis often worsen. These spasms can also include vomiting, constipation, fever, and nausea, among other symptoms. Tea is a very effective remedy against annoying stomach cramps. You want to know why? You just have to keep reading.

Tea and other infusions with digestive properties
Tea in almost all its varieties is digestive, each one has its particular benefits, some also act as a relaxant, for example, learn a little more about each one below.

Red tea. This tea is an excellent ally to regulate the gastrointestinal tract, since it stimulates the production of gastric acid, accelerating liver metabolism. It is recommended to consume it after a meal, since it also acts as a mild energizer, avoiding that tiredness after eating more.
Green Tea. Its use to improve digestion is nothing new, dating back to ancient times in countries like China and India. It is known as the digestive tea par excellence, in addition to its other beneficial effects, such as being a great antioxidant, rich in vitamins and polyphenols.

White tea. Although less popular than the previous one, the tea bank is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and ingenious for digestion. This is thanks to its power to eliminate free radicals that are generated in your body due to stress.

It is an antioxidant and astringent, which makes it perfect for treating stomach and digestive problems.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, it is antispasmodic and relieves pain, including gas and diarrhea. And it’s good for children.

camomile tea
Another popular digestive is this tea, although it is actually an infusion, since it does not come from the tea plant. Its digestive power is in the oil that chamomile flowers possess. It also helps eliminate gas, helps calm diarrhea and can be consumed by children (not least, since they also suffer from stomach cramps).

Other tricks to calm colic

breathing techniques
There are several breathing techniques that help you relax, relieve pain, and get your digestive system working normally again.

Hot. The classic hot water bottle or a cloth with warm water can make a big difference in colic. Simply place it on your abdomen and let it do its thing. It will relax the area and allow you to feel better.

Diet. No, we are not talking about a diet to lose weight, but a diet rich in fiber, avoiding solid foods and without dairy, fatty foods and acidic foods. Don’t worry, this diet is temporary and should be followed until a couple of hours after the cramps are completely gone.

Walk. A walk to the block or to the park near your house can help you a lot to get rid of the inconvenience. However, it is not recommended to go very far due to possible diarrhea or nausea.

Water. Yes, just drinking water can help you a lot with colic. Although this is not a remedy that you should use when you feel discomfort, but daily consumption of water will help you suffer less colic.

Other tips to avoid colic
If you still can’t get rid of colic pain, you can take into account some issues that are essential so that they don’t come back again and again. See if you have the following points…

Eat well and without haste. As mentioned above, what you eat (in addition to stress and other factors) directly affects your chances of colic, so it never hurts to have a complete diet on hand to treat stomach inflammation.

Use plants for gases. If your problem is gases, you can find several plants that will help you deal with them. Remember that many times those cramps you feel are just gas that can’t get out.

Use remedies for swelling. If you are tired of walking with a swollen belly, you can always turn to some other home remedy to help you get away from annoying cramps.

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