Oxalic acid: the cure for cancer


On a daily basis, certain foods and drinks are revealed as great antioxidants. For example: carrots, spinach, broccoli, tea, nuts, berries, garlic, onions, grapes, red wine, herbs, spices, and chocolate are foods known to be great antioxidants. We hear about flavonoids and vitamins. There are an estimated 4,000 flavonoids identified. Isolating each one and determining what effect each, or a combination of each, has on a specific disease is a never-ending quest without an answer. However, common sense and research reveal that there is a common denominator in foods known as great antioxidants. All are high in oxalic acid.

Do you know that all mammals on earth have oxalic acid as a normal blood value? Ask any doctor or researcher what its purpose is and the best answer they will give you is that it helps with bowel movements. So here we are with a surprisingly high amount of oxalic acid running through our blood for no real purpose?

There is no place on earth where you cannot find a plant that contains oxalic acid. Weeds are the most tenacious of all plants and are rich in oxalic acid. This is not an accidental event. There is a purpose.

Research oxalic acid and you will discover that it is a deadly poison. So we have a deadly poison in all foods that are great antioxidants. Hey? Stop and just think. Rather than isolate the smallest compounds within foods and research each one, analyze each food known to be a great antioxidant and find the common compound in each. This is exactly what an incredible 85-year-old warrior has done deep in the Arkansas hills. This man is Colonel Joe Hart.

When was the last time you heard that someone received a patent for something natural? That folks, never happens. You have it for Colonel Joe. It has been granted three (3) Patents for the Application of oxalic acid for the treatment of cancer, bacterial and viral infections and vascular diseases. Why isn’t the medical community shouting its merits? I wonder if the fear that this will wipe out a trillion dollars a year from the healthcare industry has anything to do with it. Talk about a response to our nation’s healthcare crisis.

Colonel Joe discovered the benefits of oxalic acid during 1992. Once oxalic acid was identified as the acid that kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, he was able to identify which foods and environmental factors inhibited the therapeutic value of oxalic acid. His approach to eliminating disease by eating foods high in oxalic acid has resulted in cures for all types of cancer and disease. Do you need to pitch a tent in your backyard and live next to a campfire? No. Is this going to cost a fortune? No. Do you need to travel to Mexico? No. Is the information given for free? Yes.

There is always a sacrifice to win. Be prepared to forgo milk and cheese, citric acid (an additive found in too many processed and canned products), red meat, cell phones, microwaves, and alcohol. If this proves too difficult, you can always go for traditional surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy only to find that the cancer comes back over time or you die. You know doctors never tell you that you are cured … you are in remission. “Cure” is not in his vocabulary.

Ask your doctor what caused it the next time you or someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer. They don’t know. The answer is low levels of oxalic acid in your blood. Having adequate levels of oxalic acid in the blood removes all abnormal cells effectively without harmful side effects. Oxalic acid is God’s poison with purpose.

If you take a serious look at all alternative cancer cures that show some success, you will find the foods, herbs, herbs, and teas that they suggest contain high amounts of oxalic acid. They just don’t know why their protocols sometimes work. Connect people’s dots and stop wasting your money.

Ask the American Cancer Society about tests they conducted more than 50 years ago using oxalic acid to treat cancer in experimental mice. There are documents and evidence of positive results; however, they will tell you that they don’t know anything about it.

Just go to the grocery store, eat your chocolate, veggies, fish, black chicken, tea, and wine. Throw away the microwave and cell phone. Say “No” to fast foods and really enjoy eating for great health.

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