Masturbation Tips For Adventurers: Exhibitionist Interpretation


Many men have an exhibitionist streak and would love to show off their penises for the whole world to see. As proof, one simply has to take a stroll through any amateur porn site to see how many men have been proud to post photos or videos of their erect penises. In fact, flaccid penises are also available for viewing with just a click of the mouse. (And even a quick read reveals one thing worth noting: Most men could benefit from paying a little more attention to their penis health – a smart move if one plans to spread close-ups of their junk on the internet. ). Virtual exhibition (in which the face does not appear) is one of those masturbation tips that helps exhibitionists stay out of trouble.

However, exhibitionists need not dwell on virtual exhibitions of their tumescent limbs. There are other opportunities available to display manhood in a live setting, and to do so legally and safely. For example, there are many jack-off (for men) or jack-and-jill (for men and women) clubs where you can expose yourself and caress yourself as much as you like.

Role playing game

However, there are some who may wish for more and yet realize that unwanted and unsolicited public nudity displays are risky at best, illegal at worst, and often make victims of unwitting bystanders. This is why the exhibitionist role-playing game, in which one or more individuals are exhibited and one or more specifically identified spectators play, is a suitable alternative to consider.

With role-playing games, all participants are willing and informed. Limits can be set and necessary rules set, allowing for the safety of everyone involved.

Couple game

Participating in exhibitionistic role-playing games is often something a couple enjoys, and the following examples will assume that only two are involved; however, for those with friends or acquaintances who share this interest, it can certainly be expanded to include many more than two participants. And while these examples emphasize masturbation, they can also lead to partner sex. The key here, of course, is that these are imaginary settings performed in the privacy of one’s own home.

With that said, here are some scenarios that careful exhibitionists may want to employ:

– Look what I can do! Some men have the desire to expose themselves because they felt that their penis was embarrassed by their family when they were growing up. This scenario addresses that. The man gets into the bathtub and pretends to be a boy. While washing, he plays with himself openly. The viewer cheers him on and praises his tool.

– Stolen taxi. The partners installed chairs to simulate a taxi driven by the woman. The man plays the passenger, who gets into the back seat. While the driver maintains a constant stream of chatter, the passenger masturbates in the back seat, unnoticed by the driver until the passenger has a loud orgasm.

– Table Manners. The couple sits down to dinner. As they eat, the man unbuttons his pants and takes off the tool, which he proceeds to stroke. Only when the man approaches orgasm does his partner become aware of his activities and demand that he stand up so that the partner can see him better.

– Halftime. While watching the big game on television, the partner encourages the man to put on his own halftime show, with very special fireworks at the end.

– Procedural police. The couple pretends to be outside. The man pulls out his cock and surreptitiously begins pounding it. His partner approaches, posing as a policeman. She threatens to run him over, but is hypnotized by his member and instead threatens to arrest him if he doesn’t continue until he lets go.

Naturally, this exhibitionist RPG can turn an erect penis into a sore penis due to overuse or aggressive use. In these cases, a nourishing cream for the health of the penis. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) it is necessary. The best cream will include not only natural moisturizers (shea butter and vitamin E are recommended), but also L-arginine, which can treat peripheral nerve damage from overuse that can otherwise lead to a loss of sensation on the tool. As an added benefit, vitamin A creams have antibacterial properties to combat unwanted penis odor.

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