Get Around Student Housing in York

York is a large city and is home to two Universities which means students need somewhere to live. The University offers on-campus accommodation for a limited number of places each year and the rest have to find off campus housing in one of York’s many different areas. The choice of where to live in York is a personal one but we’ve put together a list of the most popular student locations along with their pros and cons to help make your decision easier.

Keele Campus

The largest of the York student accommodation, the Keele Campus is home to ten different faculties and research facilities. As such, it’s home to the majority of students attending York and offers on-campus accommodation for first years who apply directly from high school – provided you meet their June 1st deadline.

Heslington Road

Heslington is one of the most popular areas for student housing in York. A short bus ride from both the East and West University of York campuses, Heslington is a hub of student activity and there’s a huge range of shops and cafes to suit every taste. There’s also a wide variety of student houses available here which can vary from 8 bed homes to cosy flats and the location is ideal for anyone who wants to be close to both uni and town.

Fulford – One of the greenest residential areas in York, Fulford is a popular student area with students from both University of York and York St John’s due to its affordable house prices and strong transport connections to both campuses. The local shops are very student friendly and the team at the Find a YSJ Housemate Facebook group run a regular social event to bring residents together.

How to Get Around Student Housing in York

Milliken – Bordering Markham, Milliken is a relatively new area which has only been developed in the past 50 or so years and offers an attractive alternative to students looking for student housing near the York University Markham Campus. With a small-town feel, the neighbourhood is surrounded by parks and the 53 bus runs through it ensuring an easy commute to school.

Riverdale – With both the Glendon and York University Markham Campuses within its boundaries, Riverdale is a diverse community with a lot to offer students. It’s a little further from the main campuses but it does have good bus links and a Metro station on its doorstep, making it a convenient option.

Finding the right student accommodation is a vital aspect of a successful university experience. From the different types of accommodations available to the factors to consider, this comprehensive guide has explored all the crucial aspects that students need to know. With a clear understanding of their preferences and needs, students can make informed decisions and create a comfortable, supportive, and enjoyable “home away from home” during their academic journey.

York St John’s

One of the newest and most popular York student accommodation, York St John’s is located right on the edge of the main campus. The new buildings and amenities have made this area a real hotspot for students who want to be in the heart of it all but with a quieter and more traditional environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. The local shops are well stocked and the ‘St J’s’ community is very active. The rent here is slightly higher than other areas of the city but it’s worth considering for its convenience and great value for money.