How Long Does the Botox Calf Reduction Procedure Take?


Botox Calf Reduction Procedure Take

A calf reduction botox treatment is the most minimally invasive way to reshape the lower leg and create the look of slimmer calves. While it is not as effective in reducing excess fat deposits as liposuction, it provides a quick and affordable alternative to surgery that delivers significant results in a shorter amount of time.

The procedure is performed by injecting Botox into the gastrocnemius muscle (the more superficial of the two muscles that make up the calf). It is injected using a series of syringes which are placed evenly across the calf. This is done with great care to avoid creating any visible creases or bulging in the lower leg. It is typically done in under an hour and results are often seen within a few weeks of treatment. In order to sustain the result, repeat treatments will be required as needed.

This is an excellent option for men and women who want to slim the appearance of their lower legs. It can be used in combination with other modalities of body shaping such as radiofrequency and Coolsculpting to maximize fat reduction and calf contouring results.

How Long Does the Botox Calf Reduction Procedure Take?

While many people think that their large calves are caused by excessive fat, this is rarely the case. The shape of the calf is mostly determined by genetics and the way your muscles work. Even skinny people can have bulky and muscular calves. This is why exercises such as jogging and running do not always have an effect on a person’s calf size or shape.

Although a lot of people struggle with achieving a slimmer calf shape, it is important to understand that a good amount of the shape of the calf is determined by the muscles. While exercises can help tone the calf, it does not reduce bulky muscles and it is only by reducing the overall muscle mass that the lower leg will appear slimmer.

This is why nonsurgical calf reduction botox is an ideal solution for many individuals. It can be used in conjunction with other modalities of body shaping such a radiofrequency and coolsculpting to effectively reduce the calf muscle volume. It is also a good option for patients who cannot afford surgery but who have an ideal calf shape that they would like to achieve. During an in-person consultation, your practitioner will examine the muscles of the calf and look at how they move and contract when you stand on tiptoes. This will reveal the factors that contribute to your calf’s bulkiness and can help determine if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment.

This treatment does not affect your ability to walk, run, or perform other normal activities. Mild bruising or redness typically resolves within twenty four hours. It is recommended that you refrain from any strenuous exercise for a day or two in order to maintain the best possible result. The calf reduction procedure can be repeated as needed. Results last up to 6 months on average.

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