Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend THC-O Disposable 1g Review


Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend THC-O Disposable 1g

The Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Disposable is a discreet and sleek device that contains one gram of special cannabinol blend. This product comes with a battery that runs for up to three hours, a juice reservoir that’s tightly sealed, and an easy-to-use e-liquid cartridge. It is legal to purchase under the age of 21 in most states and is made by the company. There are eight different strains available in the Delta 8 line.

These vape cartridges are designed for adults and are preloaded with ninety-four milligrams of Delta 8 THC. Each vaporizer cartridge is filled with oil that contains about one-third of the product’s potency. These products also contain a high level of Terpenes and can be beneficial for your health and well-being.

The aroma of this vape cartridge is sweet with citrus undertones. The flavor is very strong with a spicy, earthy undertone. It has a long aftertaste and lingers on the palate. This vape has a nice, strong smell and a smooth, earthy aftertaste. Although Flying Monkey does not use terpenes that are psychoactive, it is safe for most people to inhale without the fear of getting high.

Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend THC-O Disposable 1g Review

The Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend DisPOSABLES are made with 1 gram of the finest cannabinol blend. It’s smooth, silky, and offers a long-lasting taste. Available in six flavors including Thai, lime, and berry, these disposables are convenient and easy to use. In addition to being comfortable to hold, they are also lightweight and easy to throw away.

The taste is smooth and enjoyable. The Grape Ape strain is sativa dominant. The flavor is rich and sweet, and the aftertaste is earthy and lingering. The Mango Kush blend, on the other hand, is indica dominant. While Grape Ape has a strong initial taste, it also offers a smooth, relaxing high with a berry aftertaste.

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