Femininity: a reproach or a blessing for humanity?


The Bible tells the story of a famous temple that was built lavishly and with such a splendid door, but ironically, that door was opened daily by an unsightly cripple who had been born that way.

His shameful image lingered and loomed before the worshipers, clouding their vision of the good God they had come to worship. He was the first thing they saw when they left the house of God: a sharp image of ugliness that stabbed at the joy with which they stepped out onto the threshold of the world that awaited. As far as I know, that temple represents a prominent monument that tirelessly mocked the power of Almighty God, a rebuke at God’s gate.

The man’s disability seemed to herald what God had failed to do, a prominent contradiction to the Beautiful Gate, a busy passageway to the place of regular prayers. As a result, God’s love and ability in the eyes of the helpless worshipers, who frequently viewed the scandalous scene, seemed to be in doubt, and God quickly intervened, using Peter and John to address the problem (Acts 3:1 -9). . We must remember that the door had a name: “Beautiful”, but the sight of that cripple, who showed up there daily, made the name meaningless. It was an obvious badge of ugliness in a sacred thing of beauty.

God created woman in His image and likeness and expected her to worship Him in truth and in spirit. God gave her to man as a wife, a help in all ramifications, but she is a wonder what women today have become. An old saying said that God rested at the end of the creation of all things, suggesting that human beings shouldn’t joke about resting after work, but since the creation of woman, neither man nor God has rested. Should women be as much of a nuisance as shown here?

The home is the rightful place for women. At home she occupies a position of honor. Her duty as a woman in the home is something she should treasure and be proud of. Her duty is as a woman described in the Holy Bible, which classified her as a person of great value. The Bible says that the woman must always be sober, love her husband, love her children, be discreet, chaste, caretaker of her house (not caretaker of the home), good, obedient to her own husband, so that the word of God is not to be blasphemed (Titus 2:1-5).

The women of the early days, who knew their duty before God and man, left a glorious mark on the sand of history. The problem began at the same time that the love of money took over the work of women in the home, forcing her to turn to a career. A woman who leaves continually must neglect her family. Her house becomes a mess, her children are neglected, and the children get involved in things they shouldn’t be involved in. God made women to take care of the home, keep it clean, put food on the table, wash clothes and make beds, not to court the whole neighborhood; and the absence of these caused the violations of women’s rights that proliferate today.

In the early days, the rights abuses that are fast becoming the norm today were unheard of: sexual harassment, gender discrimination, harsh and punitive widowhood rites, forced child marriages, harmful traditional practices, wife disinheritance and daughters etc Women were never created by God to be inferior to men, but the absence of God’s standard in a home led to some funny and nasty acts. Tying a woman’s role to just performing domestic services, having children, or simply complementing her husband’s efforts in instructing her, is not only a misunderstanding of roles, but also a misapplication of God’s commands in the home. .

Sin is at the center of all these confusions. That most societies today are accused of being male dominated is the result of this sin attempting to destroy God’s standard in the home. Satan knows that when the home is destroyed, the nations suffer. People are bold enough to talk about women’s liberation when, in the real sense, women are not enslaved. They talk about the freedom of women and advocate that women should not submit to their husbands, but should go, get a job and enjoy their freedom, when they have not made provisions for jobs. Most of the women who rebel against their husbands today are no better than ordinary prostitutes, as some men use them at will.

As Satan manages to cage men and women in a sinful life and in rebellion against God, the woman has always been the hardest hit and the recipient of all his evil antics. Women are forced to face obstacles in accessing full employment and other rights due to ethnicity, culture, religion and inadequate education. They are forced to confront deep prejudice, discrimination, and barriers to their progress in areas of education, politics, economics, nutrition, and health care.

A woman’s position in the home is non-negotiable. The laughable upheavals of the current feminist movement have spoiled a woman’s distinguished and honorable position as a mother and caretaker of the home, thus putting her life in danger from the ugliest and most inhuman treatment. In some places, wives are always accused of being responsible for the death of their husbands while undergoing tests ranging from drinking the water used to bathe their husband’s corpse to prove their innocence, and the total dispossession of the property of her late husband. In other cases, she is banished into exile by her relatives or her in-laws, leaving her with little or nothing, and subjecting her to more abject hardship.

The funny thing here is that all the instruments that Satan is using to entice women to rebel against family norms are themselves selfish. These women’s liberation bodies or agents are only looking for recognition and ways to feed their pockets, not that they are really fighting for the good of women. Take for example; Some of the men at the forefront of these smear campaigns are not comfortable with women taking the lead in their homes or offices. Most of them cannot stay with women and condone all their shortcomings, while many of them have been married and divorced many times and are at best the worst offenders of the law they are trying to defend or protect.

I see hypocrisy in almost everything human. Most Church leaders today will prefer that women flout God’s laws, but they won’t dare to do the same. They prefer to remain the saints, while the women become sinners. God commanded women to cover their hair while praying or worshiping God, but some men see it as a way to keep them in bondage, however, these men are hardly seen wearing caps during worship. What God said to the woman, he also said to the man, but the man is trying to save and project the woman before her as a terrible sinner. The government continues to warn people about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but the government itself has not enacted any laws to ban tobacco use. The reason is that tobacco companies pay large sums of money into the government purse each year; and as a result, people can go to hell, if they wish.

How long must we continue deceiving ourselves? Why should we fool ourselves and not rise up to do the right thing? Folks, let’s face it and boldly call a shovel by its name. Let us help restore the dignity of women and raise the glory of our nations. Let’s avoid the antics and tricks of Satan and keep the truth of God’s word so that we can leave a positive mark on this world that cannot be erased. Let us join hands and restore hope to our nations by elevating the position of women in the home, so that we are not faced at home with an enigma, a riddle, every time we look out to see the mother of the house. That we can find the woman that God created, in the position that she corresponds to as her mother, not an Amazon, half man, half woman.

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