Farnham – Surrey has been an important area for trade and culture for over 7,000 years


The town of Farnham – Surrey is located 42 miles southwest of London. This strategically located town has been the home of all the cultures of man until the beginning of time. This area has witnessed the evolution of man from the caveman to the present day.

There is evidence that this area was used by Paleolithic man 40,000 years ago. Evidence has been unearthed indicating that man used this area for farming and trade for more than 7,000 years. There is evidence that the first settlement in the area that is now Farnham developed 7,000 years ago. Clusters of dwellings have been discovered in pits. Traces of tools and remains of a Flint Knapping industry were also discovered. Flint carving was the process of making tools from stone.

There are also prehistoric long bars that provide further evidence that this area was settled by prehistoric man. A long barrow is a community grave. There are several such mounds in the Farnham area. It is believed that part of what made this area so important was its access to rivers and its fertile soil. It is also believed that this area served as a trade for the surrounding areas. The Harrow Way provided access to other settlements and provided trade.

A community of potters also developed in the Fordham area. There is evidence of kilns and other remains that would have been used under Roman control of England after 50 AD One of the pottery establishments was that of the Alice Forest Pottery artisans and this group of artisans is believed to have existed for over 400 years .

Farnhams’ name derives from the name Feamhomme, which is Saxon for ferns in the water meadows. This name gives a great indication of the terrain that exists in this area. Farnham is a great area to enjoy the countryside. There are several parks including Farnham Park which borders the Surrey Hills. A long-distance path known as the North Downs stretches from Farnham to Dover and offers excellent walks.

The architecture of the area also shines with some great treasures. One such treasure is Farnham Castle which was entrusted to the Bishops of Winchester for more than 800 years. This castle was built in 1138 by Henri De Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror. The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries and still exists today and parts of it can be toured.

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