Emily Ross and Angus Holland


Emily Ross and Angus Holland are authors and bestsellers. Emily Ross has been a journalist for the past fifteen years. He has worked in travel magazines and on board. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne and landed her first job as an editorial assistant, copywriter. In 1995 she joined FairFax Media and worked until 2006. During her tenure at FairFax Media, she was promoted at regular intervals and was an editor at BRW magazine, Australia’s leading weekly business magazine. Today, Emily Ross is a freelance writer and media consultant on diversified business topics.

Angus Holland is a senior editor for the Melbourne newspaper, The Age. He was appointed editor of The Age magazine in October 2006. He worked at the same company for about 10 years and held different positions, from editing to proofreading. Angus Holland has also been nominated for the prestigious Walkley Journalism Award and is the author of “Real Dads: The Very Personal Experience of Fatherhood.”

His best-selling books have focused on great entrepreneurs, their careers, and their success stories. From risk-loving people like Richard Branson to sedating the guys at Google, his books have them all covered in short.

Emily Ross and Angus Holland, through detailed research and dedicated commitment, have taken the time to analyze and define what motivates entrepreneurs, what drives them, and highlights the crucial moments in the life of their businesses. They have created lasting lessons in the art of making many companies successful.

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