Diamond earrings: the basics to buy


Diamond earrings, like other jewelry, come in a variety of different cuts. Round cuts are the most preferred for earrings. They are also popular in emerald and teardrop cuts. The cut of the diamond refers to the resulting shape. A round cut produces round earrings. The emerald cut ones are square in shape, with pointed teardrop at one end and oval at the bottom. Each cut offers a different level of shine and shine.

Diamond earrings are often not given the same attention as a diamond ring. The diamonds used in these earrings are usually of lower quality. The clarity of diamonds may not be that of a stone best used to set a ring or pendant.

These should receive the same care that jewelry receives. Cleaning them can be accomplished with a commercial cleaning product produced for diamond care. There are ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that are also available and they do a great job of cleaning.

They should never be exposed to harsh chemicals, such as hair dyes, hair sprays, and other hair care chemicals. They can be challenging to clean due to oil build-up from the hair, but a good commercially produced diamond cleaning solution should fix this.

As an investment, they should be purchased through a trusted jeweler. An appraisal of the earrings can be requested at the time of purchase. If this is going to be a serious financial investment, then there should be a certain amount of research prior to purchase. For the beginner, the best place to start with the research effort would be to better understand the value of a diamond and how diamond earrings are classified. Of course, deciding the cut will be the next step, and of course, deciding the weight is another consideration.

These, like other diamonds, are measured in carats. The weight of diamond earrings is stated in TCW, which is an acronym for total carat weight. When a pair is listed as ½ TCW, this means that each pair weighs ¼ carat.

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