Can I soundproof a conservatory?


Soundproofing your house so that the neighbors don’t bother you -or you them- is not difficult. Good insulation materials with damping properties will deaden sound and ensure that no one suffers from unwanted noise. However, one area of ​​the house that can be overlooked in terms of ensuring privacy is your conservatory.

Having an all-season area as part of your home not only adds value and space, it’s more versatile than a standard extension, allowing you to enjoy your garden year-round. However, the acoustic tricks that all that glass plays can, at best, make the space unbearably loud during a rain or hail storm, and at worst, amplify any sounds you yourself might make. do inside the covered area, streaming music, TV and conversation sounds around you. neighbours

So what can you do to improve the situation? Although conventional soundproofing methods will not work or be appropriate for a conservatory, it is not impossible to significantly reduce sound input and output. That’s not to say you won’t run into a problem or two when looking for soundproofing solutions: glass countertops can range from clunky to downright ugly, and heavy drapes and thick rugs, while perfect in a luxurious living room, may not. be exactly what they need. I had considered an exterior-interior area, with clean lines, shutters on the windows, and hardwood or stone floors.

There are soundproofing solutions for your conservatory that maintain the look of a garden room while keeping noise pollution to a minimum. The best place to start is on the roof; Standard roofing materials for greenhouses tend to be polycarbons. Although they are durable, they offer almost no sound insulation; for example, sitting inside a greenhouse with a single-wall polycarbonate roof during a hail storm can be compared to sitting inside a garbage can while someone throws rocks at it. Watching TV or listening to music is impossible, and conversation can only be carried out with a constant shout. A double or even triple layer roof with a gap between each can make a world of difference.

Just as double and triple glazing can muffle noise from street traffic at the front of your house, so can layered glazing on windows and doors in your conservatory. While it’s not cheap, it works and is a good solution to make sure you can actually use the room all year round, even when there’s a lot of snow on the ground in your backyard. It can also greatly improve the energy efficiency of the structure, so it will also cost less to heat.

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