Anger: Can repressed anger cause someone to lose control when angry?


While there are some people who are in touch with their anger, there are others who are disconnected from it. As a result of this, these people can become radically different.

Full of energy

When it comes to the former, they find it easy to stand their ground and say no when they don’t want to do something. This will prevent them from behaving passively.

Then there will be no reason for them to focus on other people’s needs and do what they want. You will be in touch with your own needs and feelings, and this is what will allow you to express your true self.

It is safe

And the reason they may behave this way will be because they feel comfortable enough to do so. So speaking your truth will not be something that overwhelms you with fear.

This is not to say that one is always comfortable doing this, as there are likely to be times when it won’t. But since this will be the exception rather than the rule, it is unlikely to be something that will bother them.


When it comes to the latter, one may find it challenging for them to stand their ground and say no when they don’t want to do something. This can cause them to behave passively.

You can be in a position where you focus on the needs and feelings of other people, and this will cause them to ignore themselves. This can mean that one will not even be aware of what their needs and feelings are.

Is not safe

If one were to ponder why they behave in this way, one might find that this is what feels safe. You may wonder what it would be like to feel comfortable enough to live your truth.

However, this does not mean that you will always behave this way and that you will not have moments when you listen to your feelings and needs. But since this is likely to be something that rarely happens, it will make them suffer.


One could spend a large part of their life feeling depressed and as if they couldn’t be bothered to do anything. The reason they feel this way may be the result of everything that has built up inside of them over the years.

There will be the anger that you will not allow yourself to experience, and there will be the emotional pain that you have experienced being that way. If one were to think about their experience, it could be as if they were carrying a great weight.

In control

When one is in contact with their anger, there will be no reason for their anger to build up within them. In most cases, they will be able to act when they get angry about something.

It is through anger that one can realize that something is not right; whereas if they couldn’t experience anger, they wouldn’t know it. So this is the same as a light will appear on a car dash when a car is low on fuel.


If this light did not appear on the dash, it would be much more difficult for people to know when it was time to refuel. What this shows is how one’s anger is neither good nor bad; it is simply there to let you know when something is wrong.

So when one can hear how they feel, it will naturally make life a lot easier for them. If they ignore how they feel, they will be ignoring something that is there to make it easier for them to protect themselves and meet their needs.

Out of touch

However, when one is generally out of touch with their anger, there is likely a lot of anger that has built up within them. Since they tend to behave this way, this won’t come as a big surprise.

So this will prevent one from having the ability to notice when something is not right; they will not be aware of the information they contain. Then it will be normal for one to be trampled on by others and feel depressed, among other things.

Out of control

However, if one were to get angry about something, it could end up looking possessed. They may verbally or physically attack someone, and it may be difficult for other people to understand what has happened to them.

The smallest thing could have caused one to behave as if something really bad had happened. What this will show is that all the anger that has built up over the years has come to the surface.

The consequences

By losing control, one could end up hurting someone or something, and this can cause them to believe that they have behaved in the right way up to this point. One can feel extremely guilty and ashamed for what they have done.

This can cause one to behave the same way they did before, and it may only be a matter of time before something like this happens again. In order for one to experience life differently, you will have to face exactly what you are trying to avoid.

A closer look

When you’re not comfortable with your anger, it may be because of what happened when you were younger. If they got angry during this time, they may have been abused and / or neglected, and this would have meant that it was not safe for them to get angry.

This would have been a time when one would have had to disconnect from their anger and the other feelings they experienced. Along with this, there will also be the pain that they have not faced in their adult life.


If you want to change your circumstances, you may need to work with a therapist or healer. This will give them a chance to change what they believe about their anger and let go of the emotional pain that has built up inside of them.

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