A lot of roofs, all under one roof!


Gone are the days when the only problems that plagued students’ minds were cumbersome coursework and sleepless nights. Times are such that even getting good grades does not guarantee a smooth admissions process. In fact, the percentages and ratings point to many other concerns, most notably the contentious issue of having a room above your head and four walls around you. This becomes an even bigger concern when the facts and figures are taken into account. A survey that included the top 20 universities in India in terms of enrollment indicated around 5 million students who are about to pursue higher education. Of this batch, only 63% (46% local students and 17% using institutional housing) have their housing needs met. About 83% of outstation students are still in the lurch when it comes to accommodation, relying mainly on PGs and rental flats. Amid all these concerns, then, it’s no surprise that India’s GER sits at a measly 18%, compared to the considerably higher global level of 26%.

It would be safe to assume that the above indicates a large market whose demand is less and less met by highly non-transparent allocation of institutional accommodation. The alternative provided by the unregulated rental market, with its poor service, pervasive exploitation and fragmented information, leaves ample room for a radical revolution through a highly digitized mechanism in this sector.

Enter StudentAcco, India’s first 100% student-only accommodation portal that brings together all PG and rental flat accommodation in Delhi-NCR’s student-centric hotspots under one roof for easy transaction informed, fast and transparent. It is a new age online aggregator offering an impressive 25,000+ accommodations varying in a plethora of dimensions and requirements.


StudentAcco can be seen as playing the role of a virtual counterpart to a highly trusted, technology-driven, and powerful broker who is tasked with identifying suitable properties, negotiating with owners, and collecting verifiable data on said properties. By doing so, it effectively creates a service delivery platform that encourages higher standards regarding student accommodation in the market.

The responsibility of browsing, pre-selecting and selecting is what ultimately falls on the clients, that is, the students. StudentAcco curates such an extensive list of properties that it caters to a set of priorities, including but not limited to cost, service standards, convenience, and safety. It is more if that is not lacking that the students post these preliminary steps. Full assistance is provided with moves and removals, paperwork and maintenance.


StudentAcco solves a number of problems. It counteracts the acute shortage of student residences and even the exaggerated bias against allocating housing to the youth community. Using an intermediate amalgamated platform decreases the risk of money being lost to radical exchange intermediaries. The immaculate certification of the properties satisfies the concerns of parents related to safety. This satisfaction is further enhanced by the 24×7 helpline services provided by StudentAcco chaperones.

This one-of-a-kind unified platform uses a strong vendor partnership and highly developed technology to overcome little physical grounding. Hyperlocal concentration gives way to a better quality of properties and services. We do not charge brokerage and list accommodations that are easy on student pockets and break all monetary barriers. All of this goes on to demonstrate how Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y students and provides them with what they need and what they want.


To state that the benefits of StudentAcco are one-dimensional would be a huge misunderstanding because they extend to more than just the student community.

As today’s students are more likely to search for places online, this extremely innovative market model rewards landlords with better occupancy than ever before, which then translates into 20-30% higher rents. It takes care of most of the heavy lifting on your behalf, like tenant verification, rent collection, and all the legal paraphernalia. Working in unison with such an organized player leads to increased credibility and utilization of a more developed infrastructure and intellect.

Investors also stand to gain immensely based on the rental commission income stream and the exploitation of niche markets in the organized sector, which will be supported by intensive brand differentiation and strong marketing.


Making the leap from being previously a student accommodation facility to having morphed into aggregator listing accommodation, StudentAcco currently faces no national competition. It also has an advantage over similar international companies as it is the only one in its country and therefore can guarantee a thorough physical inspection.

The website showcases a variety of authentic visual representations that provide a virtual tour for future inhabitants. Unlike other unscrupulous sources, these images are clearly devoid of exaggeration or eyewashing. Therefore, the cache is more valuable for those who book without personal tours. Through the site, users can compare multiple accommodations and even contact the owners to clarify doubts. StudentAcco itself listens to all kinds of queries from students that may be raised through the site, and ensures that the ‘caveat emptor’ principle is respected.

Detailed descriptions of surrounding areas, utility information, and assistance with domestic problems and landlord disagreements are other luxuries associated with Studentacco.


At the heart of its many bells and whistles is StudentAcco’s genuine desire to embrace the student community. And house them well. It strives to quench all housing related issues in a single click of the finger. Their claim to know their target market inside out finds ample support in their offering of contemporary amenities like WiFi services, cheesy yet durable furnishings, and verified roommates. This is, of course, in addition to paramount comforts like food and security.

During the transition to adulthood, uncertainties and apprehensions are par for the course. But housing does not necessarily have to be under this scope. It shouldn’t mess up perfect college plans. No less than a student messiah, StudentAcco is destined to keep going, fueled by its propensity for creative solutions, stable finances, and desire to continually improve.

There are houses out there. And there are definitely students who need them too. Studentacco is the proverbial highway that makes travel between the two much less chaotic and much easier.

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