A life with purpose is a life worth living


My mission is to link people with their purpose in life. Those who pursue their passions tend to produce more, cope better with setbacks and show “joie la vive”. In my opinion, enthusiasm is wrapped up in living your dreams instead of following life’s movements because fear seduced you to embrace the status quo. The phrases “Blue Monday and” Thank God it’s Friday “arise from being bored and dissatisfied with five to nine.

However, the mystery of embracing your true self seems very risky. My suggestion is to start slowly. If you have responsibilities such as a spouse, mortgage, and children, it is wise to take small steps toward your purpose.

For those who are out of sync with your true self, start by getting acquainted with yourself. See the recurring themes in your life. What three values ​​do you see threaded throughout the tapestry? Begin to vigorously weave those values ​​into all aspects of your life.

If you love beauty, for example, how can you express it more uniquely? You can start as simply as rearranging the furniture in your living room or painting your bedroom and finding beautiful artwork and trinkets that reflect your definition of beauty. Watch your mood soar when you live the values ​​that are most important to you.

Second suggestion: Experiment with your interests. Many entrepreneurs have started this way. A hobby, for example, is a good way to see what really interests you. Pursuing a skill without pressure allows you to make adjustments to your craft and develop it to expert level, or you can even quit a hobby if you don’t experience joy while doing it. The important thing is to constantly pursue and combine interests until you have that “aha” experience. At that point, consider how you can use your passion in the marketplace to solve problems for potential customers.

We all benefit when people live their dreams. Quality products and service results, a greater sense of meaning and satisfaction are the results of taking responsibility for the quality of your work life.

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