8 awesome camping food hacks you wish you tried sooner


When you go camping, you want everything to be easier: less to-go and easier to cook recipes. There are many ways to make camping much more convenient, especially when it comes to food. Whether you’re making your snacks or cooking a campfire desert, here are some easy camping food hacks you wish you tried earlier!

Make campfire s’mores more fun

For an easy-to-eat option, make your s’mores inside ice cream cones! Or better yet, slice a banana horizontally (with the peel) and fill with chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap cones or bananas in foil and heat on a grill / skillet over campfire coals.

Try this healthy campfire snack

For an easy but healthy campfire snack, carve an apple, fill with trail mix, wrap in foil, and then bake over a campfire. Mmm-hmm!

Eat some tacos without making a mess

Do you want to wash fewer dishes during your picnic at camp? Make tacos in a bag! Just pop open a small bag of nachos, add your favorite salsa and taco toppings, and there you have it – a quick, no-mess snack!

Replace regular hot dog buns with crescent roll batter

All you need are hotdogs on sticks and Pillsbury crescent rolls. Just wrap the pre-cut roll around each hot dog (starting with the flat end and ending with the tip of the triangle). Wrap loosely in foil and grill over a fire pit.

Cook in a pot over a campfire? Use the Swedish torch method!

This type of fire pit is self contained and you will not need additional support for your pot. You will only need a dry softwood, a saw, and a few matches to create the Swedish torch method. Easy cooking over a campfire in a pot!

Make an easy pizza with a dutch oven

Simply roll half the tube of pre-made pizza dough into the bottom of your Dutch oven, top with sauce and your other favorite pizza toppings, and cook over hot charcoal or wood. Easy peasy!

Remove food and snack containers.

To save space in your cooler or camping food / snack box, remove the cardboard packaging before packing. You don’t need those big, bulky packages for your trip!

Store your spices in Tic Tac boxes

Here’s another tip to save space and keep your camping stuff organized: Fill Tic Tac boxes with spices (like salt, pepper, chili powder, etc.) that you’ll need for cooking. This way, you won’t need to bring the entire bag or bottle as you only need a small amount!

Try these awesome camping food hacks for your next outdoor trip!

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