2010 NFC Division Predictions


The 2010 NFL season is finally in its sights. A new season brings new beginnings for some players and teams and documented handicappers influence their 2010 division predictions.

NFC East

The new face of the Philadelphia Eagles relies on young talent to get through the season. You can bet they will experience some growing pains. Trading Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins is sure to help Washington break out of the NFC East basement. The Cowboys will return to a team many expected to go to the Super Bowl last season. Could you represent the NFC in the Super Bowl on your own home turf in Dallas? We will have to wait to see how the season unfolds, but we will look for Dallas to repeat as NFC East champions and we will look for Washington to remain with the wild card position.

NFC North

Spare us the Favre drama. We are tired of the headlines from the last five years about whether or not he returns. Now that we know for sure that Brett Favre will be a Viking, we like his chances of repeating as division champions. Aaron Rodgers continues to grow as a quarterback and had an outstanding season in 2009, but his team is not up to par with the Vikings. The Packers will compete and it will all depend on Favre’s health. The Bears have made improvements this offseason, but they are not at the level necessary to win the division. Jay Cutler still has a lot to mature and while they will put up a fair fight, they just aren’t ready. The Lions? Well, we see that they are headed in the right direction, but they still have an uphill battle to eliminate years of bad play.

NFC South

Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints bring back a good chunk of their team from last season, so it should be a no-brainer to include them as South Division champs, right? Not so fast! This is not basketball and we know how difficult it is to put together back-to-back winning seasons. The Falcons, led by third-year starter Matt Ryan and slimmer Michael Turner, will provide a big challenge in the South. Tampa Bay and Carolina are looking to rebuild, so don’t look for a great year from either team. We like to see New Orleans repeat as division champions but not as Super Bowl champions. Look for Atlanta to really shine this season and get the second wild card.

NFC West

The NFC West will likely be the worst division in the NFC. Kurt Warner no longer leads the Cardinals as Matt Leinhart finally got his chance at center. Arizona has lost Karlos Dansby, Antrel Rolle and Anquan Boldin, so it will be a difficult year for the Cardinals. The San Francisco 49ers will return to the top of the division led by Mike Singletary and Alex Smith. The 49ers defense has improved, as only one would expect when looking at their coach. The Seahawks led by first-year coach Pete Caroll will certainly pose a tough challenge. New energy and enthusiasm will help Matt Hasselback with the offense. Look for rookie catcher Golden Tate to catch anything thrown at him. In the end, they just don’t have enough weapons to get the job done this season. The Rams? As the Sam Bradford era begins, the Rams still have a LOT of rebuilding to do. Look for the Rams to be the doormat of the NFC West this season.

There you have the NFC 2010 predictions. Next up will be the mighty AFC.

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