2 Year Raw Paleo Diet Testimonial


Raw Paleo Diet is the original human diet before agriculture. Raw Paleo Diet is raw fruit, raw vegetables, and raw organic food / wild fatty animals. The theory is that the human body is one of nature’s best creations. We are self-healing and always healthy given the original human diet. As a basis for curing most illnesses, following a raw paleo diet every day will bring dramatic and sustainable results.

My raw paleo diet adventure came about with my desperate search for the cure for everything that was afflicting me. The challenges in my life always needed a solution. Having training as an engineer, a computer expert, a problem solver, led me to find the definitive solutions either.

Born in 1969, I grew up like any urban kid on baby formula, drugs, some fast food, lots of cooked food, and following the discredited food pyramid of cooked high- and low-fat carbohydrates.

As a child I was diagnosed with asthma and the doctors prescribed antihistamine medications. When I had cystic acne at 16, dermatologists bombarded me with steroid injections and creams. Finally, one decided that he should take an experimental drug called Ro-Accutane. We had to go to the main office of the pharmaceutical company and sign a waiver because their drug was experimental and serious side effects were possible.

In 2004, while visiting the beaches of Boracay, I was bitten by mosquitoes and suffered for 2 whole years from itchy arms and legs. After months of steroid injections and steroid creams, I gave up and let it go, and in 2006 the suspicion of leishmaniasis disappeared.

Throughout my life I had folliculitis, I got red spots on my body when I bathed, I got a little tired easily from strenuous activity, I had heart burns, left rotation shoulder pain, I was hospitalized for various unknown viral diseases and I had a heart murmur called mitral valve prolapse and became obese at 170 pounds and was wearing 38 ″ waist pants.

Starting out with my spouse and I secondary infertility adventure in 2002 led to us cleaning up our diet by eliminating junk food and eliminating anything inedible that gets on our skin and discards the microwave. And the use of raw oysters to increase the sperm count.

In the same 2002, while trying to conceive, I contracted an unknown viral illness, was hospitalized for 3 days and then suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 1 month. The cardiologist who ordered a series of tests said nothing came out of the tests, so he wanted to shape my heart by prescribing a heart-shaping drug called beta-blockers, but it may end my erections! This was so unacceptable to my core personality as I only had one child and my goal in life was at least 4+. I severely refused drugs and found that simply eliminating all sources of caffeine could heal myself in 3 weeks. .

When my second son was born in September 2003, I was obese and 170 pounds, desperately wanting to lose weight to look sexy enough to have more children. I tried blindly to go on a cooked Atkins diet. Then I sought out the teachings of a conventional Western medicine nutritionist and she taught me that the way to lose weight was to cut back on starches and vegetables. I lost weight and held about 140 pounds for some time. But he was still not healthy.

In 2003 a little eczema started on the lower part of my right leg, it itched a lot, I didn’t pay attention to it. It became full-blown in mid-2005. He had fillet-sized eczema on his right leg, all over his face, ears, and left arm. I was in a mess, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go out, the 5 doctors I saw told me that I was INCURABLE and that I was going to be like that for the rest of my life.

The incurable diagnosis was unacceptable to me. I was always the open-minded type. No DOGMA was my motto in life. I am an engineer, a problem solver, if these so-called “doctors” said that I was incurable, it only meant that they DID NOT KNOW the cure and that their common educational base was AMISS. I had to find people who KNEW the cure … NOT DOCTORS, so I drove to a far away town where there were NO Western doctors, and my real health learning journey started with a third generation herbalist named Manang Lorna.

I learned about electromedicine, herbs, and detoxification: kidney cleanses, liver rinses, colon cleanses, and many other cleanses that cleared my eczema symptoms. Free from eczema symptoms. But I wanted more. I wanted vibrant health. I knew there was more, and I wanted so badly to be healthy that I had to learn more. All the detox and no dietary changes meant there was no real cure.

In 2007, I came across raw veganism through Dr. Tam Mateo. I tried 2 months of raw veganism in his own way, his recipes, his consultation, but I lost too much weight and finally gave up raw veganism. I added cooked meat and rice back to my diet and to gain weight.

So I was ready for the fast and tried a 14 day orange juice fast under the tutelage of Barefoot Herbalist MH. It was a revelation. I got rid of the addiction to cooked meat and rice. I was ready to taste raw frugivores. And I tried the raw fruitarian which only lasted for 2 months. I was losing weight with raw frugivores than with raw vegans, plus I felt cold and lived in a tropical country, in hot Manila, at 25 or 30 degrees centigrade. What finally caught my attention to stop the frugivorous madness was when I asked for support in knowing when my cold feelings would end. One long-time fruitarian said it would take 5 years! That was it, I had to find something else.

I stumbled upon the Wai de Wai Genriiu diet (a form of raw paleo diet). It was an easy step from frugivore to Wai Diet, just add extra virgin olive oil and raw fish sashimi and raw egg yolks to my tropical fruits. Bam! Instant feeling of good health! I gained enough sane weight of 112 to 120 pounds on the Wai diet. Adding raw meat to my meat less than 4 months old was a respite to my health.

After 3 months on the Wai diet I was bored only with seafood, why not try land animals? I caught up with Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who spoke and talked about the benefits of raw land animals, raw beef, raw chicken, and raw dairy products.

He needed to hold my hand, some support to get started and I found Geoff Purcell (in the UK) at AllExperts.com very accessible. He and Craig Bates started Raw Paleo Forum, which was very helpful for newbies like me.

I experimented with various raw land animals with duck, chicken, goat, lamb, frogs and liked the organic raw grass fed beef the best … legendary grass fed Batangas beef with delicious yellow fat is true! I experimented with many types of raw goat, cow and carabao dairy and they all failed, I just couldn’t digest dairy, I found I was lactose intolerant. My belly was also at odds with raw green juice.

Curious about the Homo Optimus Diet involving cooked pork, I did my month-long experiment and felt that my health was inferior with cooked meat compared to raw meat.

I found that on the raw paleo diet of organic fruits and raw, fatty organic animal foods, I never got sick for a whole year. I felt invincible. This was the first time for me, I just went on and on every day hoping not to get sick. The only times I felt bad were the times I tried to eat a non-raw paleo diet. Also, for the first time I have bicep muscles in my arms and I am a fan of sedentary computers. God, talking about eating raw meat will make you put on muscles without gym exercises being true.

In 2009 I switched to a high fat, low carb raw paleo diet and found it even more comfortable. Gone are the shaky feelings of hunger characterized by hypoglycemia that I thought was normal throughout my life when it was time to eat.

The raw paleo diet is the easiest diet I’ve ever been on, although high-quality organic fruit and organic meat are expensive. The raw paleo diet is even easier than the regular SAD or cooked paleo diet. Being free from the chains of the kitchen is a dream to be lived. I seem to have found “my home” as the raw paleo diet is so easy even a caveman can do it.

To further expand my access to the best possible foods, I moved my company office to Cubao, right next to my favorite wet market “Farmers Market” for daily fresh produce.

My diet these days is a high raw fat, low carb diet made up of:

* Seasonal low glycemic organic raw local fruits: fruits rich in vitamin C (guava, papaya, Indian mangoes), hydrating fruits (watermelon, melon), fatty fruits (durian, coconuts) we follow the seasons

* Raw fertilized duck eggs brought from Palawan.

* Fatty raw Batangas beef from grass fed animals and sometimes raw goat or raw lamb

* various raw shellfish such as oysters, clams, large and small fish, sea prawns, etc.

* Without supplements. No supplement can match the power of real food.

The raw paleo diet and its variants is curative. My own young children have experienced eating a raw paleo diet themselves. When kids are sick I put them on a raw paleo diet just like mine, they know the cure for their disease is RAW because they experience immediate relief. Children know who the healthiest person is at home these days.

At the end of this year 2009 I will have been on a raw paleo diet for 2 years and now I weigh a respectable 128 pounds with a short height of 5’5 ″ and a pant size of 31 ″. Always looking forward to reaching new heights of health in the years to come as I continually fine-tune and adjust. All my health problems have been resolved. It has only been these 2 years that I have felt truly healthy.

Today, at 40 years old, I look younger, slimmer, and stronger than when I was 30. It was on the raw paleo diet that I realized that humans were meant to be healthy and stay healthy, effortlessly.

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